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Vedic astrologers recognize that three planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, each have two additional "special aspects", that carry the full weight of the planet's influence. Saturn's special aspects are on the third and tenth house from it counting inclusively. In modern astrological terms, the forward sextile and the backwards square.

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In other words, Saturn's forward sextile and backwards square are as potent as Saturn occupying or opposite to a house, and much stronger than all of Saturn's other aspects. These two aspects carry so much more weight than the forward square and backwards sextile do that Vedic astrologers don't even use the latter two aspects in their work. A poignant illustration of the power of Saturn's forward sextile can be seen in the following biwheel: The above chart showing outer transits on the day of Paul Newman's son's death around Paul Newman's chart reveals that there are no Ptolemaic aspects formed by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto on the day that Paul Newman's son died within a one degree applying orb.

However, natal Saturn, which aspects the 5th house of children, the 5th lord, and the significator of children Jupiter , is receiving the forward sextile of Saturn on that day within 1 degree, and is therefore powerfully activated.


To have such a major life event indicated only by the forward sextile transit of Saturn is a clear example of just how powerful the sextile can be. One consequence of Saturn's special aspects is that Saturn has a specific set of thematic impacts upon people, depending upon which houses it occupies and influences at birth. That is the focus of this article. My parents looking aliance for me for the last 2 years Still I couldn't find anything Now slowly I can find the reason.. That the boy should earn minimum Rs. Even a gal from a village thinks like that whose qualification is B.

A, discontinued Then I will ask those people one thing. My personal experience, My father found one alliance thru. Immediately gals' mother asked, what is your sons' qualification, what is his salary?

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And my dad replied, We have own house in Chennai also, where he is working.. Gals' mother said, Ok I will see and let u know.. I'm not telling that is wrong Give importance for Indians also Swami Vivekananda Says: We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.

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Last edited: Jul 22, Dear Ajay I have studied your horoscope and there are no factors indicating that there will be no marriage. On the other hand more than one marriage is indicated. You are in guru dasa.

Tne next bukthi will be beneficial but in Best Wishes. All things desires will be achieved.

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There is no doubt that you should marry, if you are to enjoy the life that fits your natures best. Solitude and loneliness are death to you, and given suitable companionship, you are a very charming person. You want to marry young one. For this, you should choose someone who is cheerful and entertaining as a partner. You require a home that is tastefully arranged and which reveals nothing of a sordid nature.

You should compromise for some of the aspects according to your horo and after marriage, you will have a good life. The best period for your marriage is between September to December I could not send private messages yet as I am still a junior member. You can mail me direct at shankarkrishna ymail. But one mistake cannot be covered by another mistake Shankarkrishna. We :welcome: more posts like this in future. The thing is they leave everything and become muslims or christians. By following these kind of stuff we are killing our community. Manu Smriti says: 1.

Never trust a women 2.

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Never sit along with the women Even if it is your mother 3. She may tempt you. Do not sit alone with your daughter, 5. She may temp you. Do not sit alone with your sister 7. She may tempt you No more follow the above, never again!!!! Follow Tamil Brahmins on Social Media. Partners Become partners? Latest posts J.

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guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil
guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil
guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil
guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil
guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil
guru paarvai astrology in tamil Guru paarvai astrology in tamil

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