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Try to be compassionate rather than critical. Get your daily Leo horoscope. Discover your weekly love forecast, monthly horoscope or relationship compatibility from MyDaily. Leo Daily Horoscope, today in astrology, predictions. Leo Horoscope: Get your free daily leo horoscope, love horoscopes, Leo weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope and daily compatibility ratings for each zodiac sign.

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Weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, love horoscopes, chinese horoscopes, zodiac sign profiles, tarot readings and more! Learn about what Leo Zodiac Sign means and how it affects your life. Ready to be the boss? To pass out tasks, delegate authority and make sure that everyone under you is towing the line?

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Of course you are. You've been studying for the part your entire life.

If you get constructive feedback, take it like a pro and apply it. Exude a winning attitude instead of a sense of entitlement. October 13 is an auspicious day, and your efforts can really hit the mark. These moonbeams could bring opportunities to travel, study or start a business. A visionary concept you hatched six months ago could come to fruition now.

This year, the Aries full moon will get T-boned by a square from calculating Pluto in your critical sixth house. Pluto rules the unconscious, and its presence could drive up anxiety, causing you to second-guess the merit of your ideas or sending you into a tailspin of analysis paralysis. Sharpen your ideas and get your research in order, but stick to your conviction and keep championing your vision, Leo.

Chances are, this is just your worries talking. Some much-needed downtime arrives starting October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family. The October 27 Scorpio new moon sets off a lovely sixth-month cycle that boosts your bonds and could bring a new living situation or an improved one into fruition. But watch for another cosmic clash as the Scorpio new moon opposes volatile Uranus in Taurus and your career zone.

Work-life balance?

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Au contraire! The planet of unpredictability could throw a professional curveball into the mix. Or maybe you just realize that getting proper self-care also means you have to set firm boundaries with your coworkers and clients. One digital detox, coming right up! At the Scorpio new moon, your loved ones will appreciate your undivided attention. That is so not the point here, Leo. Scorpio season is your time to be pampered and to refill YOUR tanks with unconditional love and support.

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Domestic affairs could get tricky starting October 31, when communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio until November Take special care to be patient rather than battling your siblings over who hosts Thanksgiving dinner or where everyone will stay for Christmas break. Be patient and know that your emotions will be especially delicate, which could drive you to say or do regrettable things in a stressed-out moment.

Avoid people who push your buttons. Since retrogrades are inherently nostalgic, this would be a lovely time to visit a spot that has sentimental meaning to you or to flip through old childhood photos. Reconnecting with a beloved relative or longtime friend will be heart-warming now. Boot up FaceTime and do a pas de deux down memory lane!

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Want some more? A whole year of forecasts, mapped out for you. With the love planets, Venus and Mars, waltzing together through Libra and your upbeat, social third house the first week of the month, friends could become lovers and lovers should lean in to the friendship aspect of their relationship. Make room for more at the table because mutual pals, siblings and colleagues will share top billing with bae.

Your Astrological Guide To The Girls Of The 'Bachelor' Mansion

Singles could meet someone hanging in the 'hood or while engaged in intellectual pursuits, like participating in a book club or workshop. Seize opportunities to do more together, perhaps exploring your community, taking a class or a short romantic day trip. Mars is here all month until November 19 , churning up the passion and fun but also the competitive vibes—plus it can pull simmering tension to the surface.

On October 8, Venus leaves Mars in the rearview as she moves into intensifying Scorpio and your foundational fourth house. Partnered up? Make a point of spending quality time bonding and being affectionate with your S. Small investments in this account will pay major dividends over time! Regardless of your relationship status, make time for self-care or a little indulgent pampering. And should stress start to mount, remind yourself that not everything can be, or needs to be figured out now.

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All your biggest love days, revealed. Get out and circulate!

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