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Lucky numbers are 14 and Sat Feb Inner Compass Don't let outside pressure get to you.

Feeling Lucky? Then Why Not Try ....

Unfortunately, much of the pressure you are experiencing may be internal. You'll need to follow a strict schedule, avoiding last minute decisions that could backfire. Of course, if your instincts tell you not to do something, well, by all means, be guided by your inner compass Auspicious colours are soft beige and blue grey. Lucky numbers are 11 and Sun Feb No Play? Try to stick to what you know: technology and humanitarian issues are tough nuts to crack under a Sagittarius Moon.

As long as your mind is employed in solving problems, you're less available for more casual pleasures. When working with others, try to smile even if you're not interested in what they're saying. There won't be a test, but it would be beneficial if you retain the information anyway. Advantageous colours are pure white and true blue. The changes you've been going through become more evident at this time; as the Sun progresses through Sagittarius, your relationships will begin to reflect the new you. Be prepared for intensity in the coming weeks! Fortunate colours are yellow and purple.

Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.


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Sydney Festivals. The Sun in astrology stands for our true character. The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, a masculine sign , is ruled by the quick and lively planet Mercury , the messenger of the gods.

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A mutable fluid and changeable sign, Gemini governs communications, intellectual matters, and gossip! It is an air sign , which means Gemini people are ingenious, quick-witted communicators, although you are often restless, easily bored and can become frustrated by things moving too slowly.


The Sun, ruler of our inner nature, is bright in Gemini. It favours writing, other forms of communication, and travel although beware of running around in circles just for the sake of it, or because others have imposed on your good nature. Geminians are great talkers and are usually very much in demand socially, because you are so entertaining.

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  4. You'd make a great talk-show host. Gemini is the life of the party.

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    Being a dual sign has of course both an up and a down-side. You are vitally interested in what's new and fashionable, though you have a healthy skepticism which allows you to see both sides of the image. You are a party animal, but like to sit back and analyse, or send up the whole procedure.

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    You multiply the effects of other people's energy, but can become deflated if you are out of the limelight for any length of time. Your sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make you a good raconteur, although you have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with your relationships. You really have little faith in yourself, which you mask with ironic wit or sarcasm, but in truth you can use your flexible mind to better yourself in a surprising number of ways. You spend more time talking than eating, so you are able to stay fairly slim. Your flexible bod enjoys agile sports: gymnastics, bicycling, swimming, and so on.

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    Favorites are tennis, racquetball and similar games involving a partner. Gemini talents include design, interior decoration, arts and crafts, magic and illusion, and music. As the day-throne of Mercury, your strengths are in communication, both the spoken and the written word, media, gossip and trivia of every conceivable variety. A mutable changeable sign, you are chameleon-like in your ability to blend in with your environment, yet you stand out like a beacon when you become the life of the party, with your witty remarks and seemingly limitless knowledge about all and sundry.

    You love zooming around, running right left and centre.

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