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Fatah also criticized the support of some gay and lesbian Muslims for Hezbollah. Fatah has endorsed the discredited conspiracy theory that Muslims participated as perpetrators in the Quebec City mosque shooting that killed six people. However, the commission criticized the newsweekly for publishing articles that were "inconsistent with the spirit" of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and doing "serious harm" to Canadian society by "promoting societal intolerance" and disseminating "destructive, xenophobic opinions. Fatah said that for the Commission "to refer to Maclean's magazine and journalists as contributing to racism is bullshit, if you can use that word" and that the Commission has unfairly taken sides against freedom of speech in a dispute within the Canadian Muslim community between moderates and fundamentalists.

Michael Coren , a notable critic of Islam, has praised Fatah for being "brave" enough to admit the "faults and failings" of Islam. Wael Haddara, president of the Muslim Association of Canada , said that he "respect[s]" Fatah for his passion but that it was "hard, if not downright impossible, to find something positive that he has ever said about Muslims. Syed Soharwardy , an Imam in Calgary , said that while Fatah's views are valuable, he stereotypes Islam by extrapolating the behavior of a few extremists to represent the religion as a whole.

Fatah was one of the founders of the Muslim Canadian Congress in , after the September 11 attacks [56] and served as its communications director and spokesperson until He spoke out against the introduction of Sharia law as an option for Muslims in civil law in Ontario , Sharia banking in Canada, which he has described as a 'con-job', promoted social liberalism in the Muslim community and the separation of religion from the state, and endorsed same-sex marriage.

In July , Fatah was the subject of an email campaign at Canadian media over his views. Elmasry has done by listing me as the top anti-Islam Muslim. Leonard Librande, professor of religion at Carleton University , told CTV News "There's nothing particularly Islamic in this… There are differences of opinion frequently in the community. It doesn't mean somebody is going to kill you. There is a tremendous amount of discussion in the community.

His point of view contradicts the fundamentals of Islam.

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In , Indian police arrested two men hired by Chhota Shakeel to assassinate Fatah. In the book Fatah argues against the establishment of an Islamic state as a necessary prerequisite to entering the state of Islam. He suggests that the idea of an Islamic state is merely a mirage that Muslims have been made to chase for over a millennium.

The second edition of this book was released in The Toronto Star reviewer John Goddard said that book was a "richly layered work of stark realities. His exposition is solidly rooted in the oldest texts and histories of Islam and argues that the pursuit of an imperial Islamic state has soiled the religion, and violates the intentions of Mohammed himself.

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Main article: Fatah Ka Fatwa. See also: Human rights complaints against Maclean's magazine.

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Archived from the original on 13 July Retrieved January Express Tribune. Retrieved 17 June Daily Mail. No such ruling is known on Fatah in Pakistan. Muslim Canadian Congress. Archived from the original on 15 April Toronto Star. The Globe and Mail. The Huffington Post. You have a choice to be miserable or to be happy. Indulging in your problems will make you unhappy. Thinking about all that is good will lift your heart and make you fly. Be happy and lead will turn into gold.

The same amount of effort is required in both cases. So, choose to be happy. The best is yet to come! When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. They are based on your own personal cosmic fingerprint — that is, your date, time and place of birth.

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globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3
globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3
globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3
globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3
globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3
globe and mail horoscope january 3 Globe and mail horoscope january 3

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